18V SDS-PLUS støvsuger

18V SDS-PLUS støvsuger

  • To fit the DCH263 18V XR SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer
  • Ideal for dust free drilling up to 38mm in diameter with excellent suction and has a maximum drilling depth of 180mm
  • High quality washable HEPA filter capable of achieving 99.5% efficiency with dust particles as small as 0.3 microns
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Ekstra funktioner

  • Maximum extraction maintained at all times regardless of the hammer speed
  • Powered by an independent motor maintaining maximum tool performance with no decrease in durability
  • The extractor continues to operate for two seconds after the tool trigger is released to ensure any debris in the telescope or hose is completely removed (when paired with Wireless Tool Control)
  • Dust collection box can be attached to DWH079D Dust Evacuator to remove dust via DEWALT extraction systems


  • (3) interchangeable drilling heads (12mm, 26mm & 38mm diameter)


92 mm
Produkt højde (metrisk)
250 mm
1.6 Kg
Produkt længde (metrisk)
452 mm


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